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First Moroccan IT company in the insurance field, offering tailor-made solutions to your specific needs:

Death management
Funeral management
ASATechno Consulting is an IT company specializing in computer development and software engineering.

We support our main European client on several major projects, which specializes in the insurance business and specifically in provident insurance. This French client has worked for more than 11 years in software publishing and is known for its notoriety on the French market.

In strong growth, we maintain values, such as proximity, transparency and the enhancement of our teams, to build real career projects...

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Our Services


Process management

Better process control for exceptional results.

Batch Solution

Your success at scale starts with our batch solution.

Artificial intelligence

For a power to predict, to decide, to succeed.

Editing Solution

From document management to advanced communication.
Our insurance solution, an effective and efficient solution

The remarkable advantages of the ASA-ERP solution lie in its speed of deployment (time to market), in its non-intrusive character in Information Systems and in its approach that is both modular and holistic to the insurance business.

  • Your objectives:
    • Master your processes, budgets and deadlines
    • Enrich your range of products: cybercrime, drone, robot, health, pensions, connected housing, etc.
    • Conquer a new market, open a subsidiary
    • Integrate new partners: customizable partner solution pack

    A Value is not just a business quality

    It is much more: a character, a style, a human behavior, a way of expressing the personality of society and of those who compose it.

    This is how our company articulates its interpersonal skills around 5 strong values with a human dimension.

    Values that resemble us and which are applied in our daily lives, internally and externally, in each of our actions.

  • Proposal Force

      This allows us to develop our creativity, to explore innovative avenues, to encourage the spirit of initiative and to formulate original proposals as often as possible without giving in to the easy way.

  • The availability

      We respond to the slightest request, we remain attentive to the other, so that we can provide the best answers as soon as possible.

  • Results Culture

      Only the quest for results guides our research and our proposals, obsessively, combining all our resources around the targeted objectives.

  • Commitment Quality

      Our main goal is to satisfy our customers with the relevance of our solutions.

  • Deadlines

      In order to ensure compliance with schedules, our teams ensure work and delivery rates in line with the constraints of our customers.

  • Our Tools & Technologies

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